Sustainable Business Operation

Sustainable Business Operation

Driving business for the sustainability of Blue Solutions Public Company Limited

Conducting our business with sustainability There is operational excellence, and the four organizational values are the key to driving sustainable development. The company is committed to following its sustainable development policy. and give importance to the economic dimension, social dimension, and environmental dimension. In parallel with creating awareness among all stakeholder groups. Improving vulnerabilities in business operations to enable continuous development and elevate the organization to be ready to drive towards the goals in all three dimensions according to the company’s intentions which emphasizes conducting business with good governance. Social care and care about the environment: responding effectively to the expectations of all stakeholder groups

Company’s corporate sustainability management policy It has been established to promote the sustainable development of businesses. By creating shared value for all stakeholders. including business risk management. To maintain a balance in creating value that covers the economy, society, and the environment. If driven according to sustainable development policy, it will continually meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Corporate sustainability management policy

This sustainability policy is important and is the responsibility of the board of directors, executives, and employees at all levels of the company. Emphasis is placed on the development of value in its economic, social, and environmental dimensions. Previously, goals were set in various dimensions, as follows

Economic dimension

    • Manage work with good governance principles. To be an important foundation of organizational culture.

    • Oppose all forms of corruption.

    • Create growth and sustainability for your business.

Social dimension

    • Take care of employees so they are hygienic and safe at work.

    • Promote a good quality of life for employees.

    • Support the development and management of important projects in the community and society.

Environmental dimension

    • Conserve and use resources wisely to maintain a sustainable ecological balance.

    • Use energy efficiently and promote the use of renewable energy.

This sustainability policy is considered an important guideline for business development to be a sustainable success and create value for all parties involved in the company’s business operations.

The company’s corporate sustainability management goals are:

Promote social development: The company focuses on creating value and engaging with all stakeholders. Through the determination of social development and communication projects in the operating area This builds trust and acceptance in the community. By allowing stakeholders to participate in decision-making and promoting sustainable development of the community and society in which the company group lives. Go into business.

Conservation of natural resources and the environment: recognize the importance of using resources wisely and developing alternative energy. To maintain a sustainable ecological balance and reduce environmental impacts from the company’s operations

Working in an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) format based on the sustainable development framework (Sustainability Framework) to set guidelines for sustainability operations. It is important in ESG, or the relationship with the economy, society, and environment. which covers both good economic situations Human rights and good governance management

Overall, the company focuses on sustainable development. and present the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to create value and confidence in operations that benefit the organization and society as a whole. There is also a framework for sustainable development. (Sustainability Framework) that is used to set guidelines for sustainability operations. Focusing on the balance of three important elements:Economy, society, and environment This is a business operation that takes into account the balance of all aspects and the long term. He identified the importance of sustainable development in the organization and set sustainability management goals. Including bringing it into the operational plan that is carried out over a period of 3 years with a sustainability framework. (Sustainability Framework) that focuses on economic, social, and environmental factors (ESG).which is accepted and an important guideline in operating the organization. Preparing a continuous sustainability action plan and working in an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) format can help strengthen confidence in an organization’s operations. Give importance to social and environmental responsibility. and create value and confidence in sustainable development for customers and society as a whole.

Sustainable development framework

The sustainability framework is set to be a concrete guideline for the organization’s work and create balance in the economic, social, and environmental aspects. It is important to drive the organization towards sustainable development and create benefits for both the organization and wider society. It also focuses on being responsible, responding to the expectations of stakeholders, and building confidence and acceptance in the relevant communities. By conducting business responsibly towards society and the environment. and promoting the well-being of society by strengthening the economy and providing universal access to technological services.

In addition, the sustainability action plan is regularly reviewed and updated. The said plan is enforced as a guideline for operating in the organization. and encourage organizations to upgrade network services that are responsible for economic, social, and environmental dimensions.This makes the organization a market leader in socially and environmentally responsible telecommunications. It also creates sustainable satisfaction and acceptance among customers. Reviewing and updating the sustainability action plan is a process that must be done regularly so that the organization understands and recognizes the importance of sustainability and sustainable development. and provide an important guideline for leading the organization to concrete sustainable development.

With a defined sustainable development framework and a clear operational plan. The company will be able to grow sustainably according to its focused direction. and is a market leader in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable telecommunications. To build trust and acceptance from the community and related customers. and provide benefits to the organization and society as a whole.