Company information

Company Name: Blue Solution Public Company Limited
Abbreviation: BLUE
Company registration number: 0107566000305
Business type: Service provider for designing and installing integrated information and communications technology (System Integration) from designing, procuring, and installing information technology systems and networks. Service and maintenance work and information technology consulting and training.
Registered capital: 234,000,000 baht
Paid-up capital: 174,000,000 baht
Par value: 1.00 baht per share
Head office location: No. 59/37, 59/39 T 59 Westgate, Village No. 2, Bang Rak Phatthana Subdistrict. Bang Bua Thong District Nonthaburi Province
Telephone: 02 102 9654

Growth Strategy and developments

Year 2009

  • Established Blue Solution Company Limited on July 10, 2009 with a registered capital of 1.00 million baht to operate a business distributing computers, peripheral equipment and various software.

Year 2011

  • Increase registered capital of 4.00 million baht from the original registered capital of 1.00 million baht to 5.00 million baht to be used as working capital for business expansion.

Year 2013

  • Increased registered capital to 25.00 million baht from the original registered capital of 5.00 million baht to 30.00 million baht to be used as revolving money for business expansion.

Year 2020

  • Increase registered capital of 90.00 million baht from the original registered capital of 30.00 million baht to 120.00 million baht to be used as working capital for business expansion.

Year 2021

  • Received a Telecommunications Business License Type 3 from the NBTC Office.

Year 2022

  • Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited (ITEL) has acquired shares of the Company. in the proportion of 51 percent of the paid-up registered capital which makes the company Has status as a subsidiary company in the ITEL group.

Year 2023

  • Increase the registered capital of the company by 114,000,000 baht from the original registered capital of 120,000,000 baht to the registered capital of 234,000,000 baht.

Overall business

The company operates businesses related to Information & Communication Technology (ICT) by providing a complete service provider from consulting, design, procurement, and installation called System Integrator (SI). In the form of a turnkey project (Turnkey Project) for corporate customers in both the public and private sectors. From medium to large sizes, the company also sells products and equipment related to efficient information and communication technology. and has standards that are accepted at the world level and includes monitoring and maintenance (Service & MA), providing training services to users (Training) and providing other information technology services.

In addition, the company has become a business partner with leading information technology product owners such as Huawei, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Nutanix, Check Point, Veritas and ACER, etc. The company has a knowledgeable and experienced operational team. in the information and communications technology business for a long time Including having an understanding of the customer’s business Therefore able to provide assistance and support to customers very well. By bringing in work systems related to information and communication technology. effective to help promote and support various operations of customers at full efficiency To deliver maximum satisfaction to customers.

Vision, mission, organizational values


” is a leader in providing information technology systems services. Outstanding with innovation and cutting-edge technology Respond to customer needs for confidence and maximum satisfaction.”

Corporate Values